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The Mobile Billboard Crew Transporter

Our transporter is on the cutting edge of outdoor advertisement; An enclosed cargo trailer with eye catching billboard ads on the exterior that commutes all over the Greater Los Angeles area.

The Mobile Billboard Promotional Crew Transporter
has a showroom floor in the interior that is used for viewing products up close and personal. We also offer a full-out promotional street team for your company’s use.

The exterior of the Mobile Billboard Promotional Crew Transporter front and back is 8×8 ft. The sides left and right are 8×16 ft. the whole exterior is used as a mobile billboard. The interior is 128 sq. ft. and is used as showroom to display our client’s products. Plus there are televisions on each wall (3 walls) that will televise our client’s commercials. See samples below.

open-trailer 2shot1 white-side-shot front-side


BigheadMG will visit various Hot Spots (Popular Locations and Events) reaching consumers where they work and play:

Tourist Attractions
Theme Parks
High Schools
Retail Districts
Major Freeways Highway and busy Streets
Sporting Events

BigHeadMG also visits: Las Vegas, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles to name a few.
Contact us for more info on other cities BigheadMG is here to help your business gain greater exposure and save money while doing so.

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  • Advertisement delivered at a fraction of the cost compared to other traditional advertising methods
  • Flexibility is mobility which sparks attention, curiosity and interest while establishing new client relationships.
  • Greater exposure everyday reaching consumers at peak times where they work and play.


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  • Sixth ranking economic power in the world
  • Rated second in the U.S. retail market
  • World busiest ports
  • Chief financial banking center
  • Climate produces year-round outdoor recreational lifestyle
  • Los Angeles is surrounded by close to 200 cities and more.


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